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I am a born and bred London girl living and working in Cape Town as a makeup artist, skincare brand entrepreneur, beauty blogger and podcaster as well as, mother of 2. My obsession with makeup came when I fell pregnant with my first child. I always loved makeup, but never considered it as a career. I fell in love instantly and that is how it all began.

After training in makeup in Cape Town but predominantly in London at the Jemma Kidd Makeup School I trained with an amazing teacher that taught me how to create beautiful dewy flawless skin, the power of contouring and highlighting and how to break down every makeup look step by step. I have been extremely lucky so far with my work and in a short time have been very lucky to shoot with very talented photographers and shoot for magazines like Elle, Glamour, Cosmo and Marie Claire and Women’s Health plus a whole load more.

Shahnaz Loves Beauty was born from the love of sharing tips and tricks. I get to work with incredible brands like Chanel, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Gatineau, Nuxe, Elemis and so many more. I share my glow skin tips and products I can’t live without.

Working on set also made me realise how much I love skin and when the pandemic hit I decided I was going to follow my dream and launch my own brand Lumi Glo. A cruelty-free and vegan CBD brand that truly is amazing. I love being able to make a difference with people’s skin and help people with confidence in their skin. After struggling with sensitive skin myself I knew I had to create something that would work and that anyone could use it. 

The podcast Glow From The inside Out is all part of my glow journey and all about my journey of self-development, After being diagnosed with burnout I knew I had to make big changes to my life.. Its’ my way of bringing a new perspective on the glow. To truly glow you need to be happy and live your best life. It’s a daily process but I hope my journey and story will inspire others to live a joyful and beautiful life. 

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